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V.I.P.- Services

For us charter flight means at first an appropriate level of service. The main our goal is to do our best in order to do so, that your business meeting would take place according to the plan, your holiday trip would leave only positive emotions, with any tension and tiredness.

You can realize all these using our VIP-service. 

V.I.P.- ServicesV.I.P.- ServicesV.I.P.- Services

At your service: 

  • transfer facilities
    Of course for each businessman the question of an individual transport is decided and to offer similar services is not advisable. However, there are such situations when it is necessary to meet delegation or to transport cargo but you are time-bounded. In this case only that you need is to inform us about passengers uplift, the amount of cargo and its ' nature. The transport issue will be resolved in the shortest time. 
  • handling manager
    Before you will drive up to the airport, you will be able to receive timely and accurate information about out-bound aircraft readiness. You can make your changes in the catering, the number of taking-off passengers and arriving cars. We will react to any changes quickly in the airports due to itinerary of travel. 
  • confidentiality
    Only in exceptional cases, such as landing on special departmental aerodromes, transportation of hazardous cargo, ambulance flight, international flight we ask you an additional information about the flight purpose and the on -board passengers. In any other cases the airport services will need necessary information only. Confidentiality is not only the question of ethics but of safety of course. 
  • On-board catering
    We pay special attention to the quality of the dishes and the drinks offered aboard. We cooperate only with the best restaurants which have the highest international standards of service. Our experts will help you with menu picking and wine list.
  • The possibility of the payment with the mobile GPRS payment equipment 24 hours,
    anywhere, using international payment systems VISA International and MasterCard International. Our availability of such a system allows our client to pay the booked flight without wasting time for banking formalities and working time and schedule differences of the bank. It is enough for our client to have a necessary amount on his bank account and VISA or MasterCard.


Cessna Citation X
Количество мест: 12
Крейсерская скорость: 950 (km/h)
Дальность полета: 5778 (km)
Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign
Количество мест: 12
Крейсерская скорость: 846 (km/h)
Дальность полета: 5200 (km)
Cessna Citation Columbus
Количество мест: 10
Крейсерская скорость: 904 (km/h)
Дальность полета: 7408 (km)
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