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Helicopter ride

Helicopter ride - this is a great opportunity to enjoy the unforgettable beauty of the Ukrainian natural bird's eye view and have a good time, discovering the joy of flying. The helicopter ride will bring you a lot of unforgettable experiences. If you want to give an original gift to your friends and loved ones, the helicopter ride is the perfect solution! The helicopter ride will allow you to expand your view of the world! After all, none what so ever weighed on man as the sky!

Helicopter rides also allow you to see:

  • historical and cultural sites of national parks in Kiev, Ukraine, and archaeological sites.
  • excursions to places of military glory of the Great Patriotic War,
  • organized flights to tourists places inaccessible to the rivers of the area for fishing, hunting, gathering mushrooms and berries, picnic areas and more.
We are able to perform for you a sightseeing flight: if you want something to watch or to arrange a trip by air - no problem! Perform a flight on an individual route. During the helicopter ride you can take pictures and video.
Helicopter ride - it's an exciting journey.
Helicopter rideHelicopter rideHelicopter ride

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