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Cтоимость топлива - 07/11/2017

Наименование нефтепродукта
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Fuels and lubricants & technical liquids

Fuels and lubricants & technical liquids aircraft fuel-supply service FORZ, LLC. nomenclature list.

Product name  Regulatory document 
Jet engine fuel ТС-1  ГОСТ 320.00149943.011-99; ГОСТ 10227-86  
Jet engine fuels РТ  ДСТУ 320.00149943.007-97; ГОСТ 10227-86  
Turbine-engine aircraft fuel А-1  ДСТУ 4796-2007 
Anti-ice additive «И-М»  ОСТ 54-3-175-73-99; ТУ 6-10-1458-79  
Aviation petrol Avgas 91 UL  WT-06/OBR PR/PD/66 

Aircraft refueling

Services on refueling by qualitative aviation fuel are an inseparable part of the flight preparation.

Our company meets the fuel requisitions due to the Government Quality Control Standards and regulatory documents .We control all necessary processes , connected with warehousing, delivery and filling the fuel tank of an aircraft.

  • Over-wing fueling We can provide the aircraft refueling with next fuel specifications: ТС-1, RТ, Jet А-1. You can fill in an application for refueling on our web- site or call our experts: +38-096-494-70-96. You can examine the indicative cost of the aircraft refueling in the airports for the international airlines , which deal with international charter flights below. To receive more detailed information, please contact our experts. 
  • Mobile refueling service The modern aviation allows to carry out flights not only from the airports with developed infrastructure, but also from inconvenient remote runways, platforms and heliports without material and technical base for ensuring high-quality delivery and refueling.
    For refuelling of aircrafts in the remote areas with a bad road surfacing of runways, we use a mobile and modern fuel service complex. FORZ having its own Aircraft Fuelling Certification Service, provides the absolute independence of all delivery, quality control and refuelling processes.
    Our experts will execute the refueling order according to the advanced application. It must include such information as coordinates of the place of refueling , the aircraft type, the amount of fuel, time and date of refueling. You may also call us 24 hours +38-096-494-70-96 . Our experts will ask you an additional information if it is necessary .

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866.25 (USD)

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