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Charter flights

Charter flightsCharter flightsCharter flights

A charter flight is a non- scheduled flight which is carried out under conditions of aircraft/helicopters leasing for the definite period of time or for realizing definite flights under certain conditions.

Our client has an excellent opportunity to book the aircraft in order to carry out a charter program under the definite required track. 

In order to book a charter flight you can phone our specialists: +38-093-055-00-43. Also you can fill in an application form  on our website, clicking on to book a flight . As soon as our client has sent us a filled – up application form we could know it by means of available mobile services and at the shortest time suggested he several variants.

For our carter flight clients there are "charter rules" which demands the airline .The base of such rules is the observance of safety regulations on the board. Our company gives a particular attention to the safety on the board of the aircraft that is why the observance of norms and rules of behavior are obligatory for each passenger.


Challenger 800
Количество мест: 14
Крейсерская скорость: 820 (km/h)
Дальность полета: 5778 (km)
Falcon 20
Количество мест: 10
Крейсерская скорость: 750 (km/h)
Дальность полета: 3300 (km)
Cessna Citation Columbus
Количество мест: 10
Крейсерская скорость: 904 (km/h)
Дальность полета: 7408 (km)
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