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Our advantages

The main our advantages are: 
  • We have established and stronger partner's relations with Ukrainian and foreign companies and airlines. If the client chooses our service for the flight in remote districts, he won't be waiting for the scheduled flight because we provide him with the aircraft located at the nearest airport. 
  • Efficiency. Modern day-to-day life does not permit people to waste their time for waiting. We take into account it and created a possibility to organize the flight within 2-3 hours and not only in Kyiv but anywhere. 
  • We take into consideration and value the time of our clients and have a possibility of granting the reserved aircraft, in case of technical faults of the ready for departure plane. We are ready for it with maximum correctness and minimum timewasting. 
  • The possibility of the payment with the mobile GPRS payment equipment24 hours, anywhere, using international payment systems VISA International and MasterCard International. Our availability of such a system allows our client to pay the booked flight without wasting time for banking formalities and working time and schedule differences of the bank. It is enough for our client to have a necessary amount on his bank account and VISA or MasterCard. 

Our advantages Our advantages Our advantages

Mobile refueling service

The modern aviation allows to carry out flights not only from the airports with developed infrastructure, but also from inconvenient remote runways, platforms and heliports without material and technical base for ensuring high-quality delivery and refueling. 

For refueling of aircrafts in the remote areas with a bad road surfacing of runways, we use a mobile and modern fuel service complex.

FORZ having its own Aircraft Fuelling Certification Service provides the absolute independence of all deliveries, quality control and refueling processes.

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