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About LLC «FORZ»

In the modern world the success of the businessman in many respects depends on optimality and the accuracy of his business management and also of defining partners and his time management. If business partners are in several hundred, and even in thousand kilometers far from each other, and the questions are very important, the charter flight will be the only suitable decision.

About LLC «FORZ»About LLC «FORZ»About LLC «FORZ»

Our company has been offering a wide range of services in the market of business aviation. During several years of successful activities the company proved itself as a responsible, reliable and efficient aviation broker. The company provides the following services: 

  •  Private flights and charter VIP-flights organization:
    we are ready to organize the aircraft leasing of any class and equipment level 24 hours, according to the wishes and the flight purpose of our client. We propose also in-flight catering and other important services according to the clients' demand. We will bargain with the maximum comfort for our client in any available place and any time. Such a system allows our client to pay the booked flight without wasting time for banking formalities connected with working time and schedule differences of the bank. It is enough for our clients to have a necessary amount in his bank account and VISA or MasterCard. 
  • Refueling of aircraft
    The modern aviation allows to carry out flights not only from the airports with developed infrastructure, but also from inconvenient remote runways, platforms and heliports without material and technical base for ensuring high-quality delivery and refueling. For refueling of aircrafts in the remote areas with a bad road surfacing of runways, we use a mobile and modern fuel service complex. FORZ having its own Aircraft Fuelling Certification Service, we provide the absolute independence of all delivery, quality control and refueling processes.  
  •  Ground handling
    FORZ is a ground handling agent. We are the link between the aviation companies and numerous airport services. Our contractual relations with airports allow our company to provide ground support services. Our company provides flight services with the tariff rates of IATA STANDARD GROUND HANDLING AGREEMENT.

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